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Drums & Percussion

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  1. Legler Rainbow Xylophone

    Special Price R1,186.00 Regular Price R1,440.00
  2. Wonderworld Wooden Xylophone

    Special Price R1,020.00 Regular Price R1,162.00
  3. Reig Grand Drums (Golden)

    Special Price R2,627.00 Regular Price R4,400.00
  4. Reig Kaleidoscope Drum Set

    Special Price R2,254.00 Regular Price R3,600.00
  5. Lexibook Violetta Drum Kit

    Special Price R2,473.00 Regular Price R3,520.00
  6. Vilac Vilac8343 Kids Drum Set

    Special Price R1,586.00 Regular Price R3,111.00
  7. Legler Large Xylophone

    Special Price R1,866.00 Regular Price R2,480.00
  8. Vilac Musical Hand Bells

    Special Price R1,168.00 Regular Price R2,221.00
  9. Vinco Vinco89230 Slit Drum

    Special Price R2,010.00 Regular Price R2,214.00
  10. Vilac Vilac7705 Metal Drum

    Special Price R1,024.00 Regular Price R1,613.00
  11. Sevi Percussion Set

    Special Price R931.00 Regular Price R1,000.00
  12. Reig Snare Drum (Large)

    Special Price R823.00 Regular Price R1,000.00
  13. Hape Shake It Up Duo

    Special Price R506.00 Regular Price R520.00
  14. Reig Circus Drum

    Special Price R434.00 Regular Price R480.00
  15. Tobar 8 Note Xylophone

    Special Price R406.00 Regular Price R480.00
  16. Tobar Desktop Drumkit

    Special Price R381.00 Regular Price R400.00
  17. Inflatable Saxophone

    Special Price R252.00 Regular Price R320.00
  18. Reig Maracas

    Special Price R108.00 Regular Price R160.00
  19. Tidlo Rainbow Drum

    Special Price R558.00 Regular Price R560.00
  20. Plan Toys Tambourine

    Special Price R490.00 Regular Price R600.00
  21. Sevi Mini Music Set

    Special Price R633.00 Regular Price R800.00
  22. Pintoy Wooden Drum

    Special Price R674.00 Regular Price R720.00
  23. Vilac Wooden Tambourine

    Special Price R621.00 Regular Price R709.00

Items 1-120 of 246

Set Descending Direction
per page